Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day One: Could I ever cook like mom

My Mom is a fantastic cook -- not fancy but good food. I grew up never having soup from a can or food from a frozen dinner. And I grew up with a mom that worked - albeit it part time- had a number of outside interests -- including working with my Dad. We were not -- still is true -- wealthy but working class and now solidly middle class. She has a number of special dishes -- but her most impressive creations were the ones we ate every evening for dinner. For years -- I'm now 52 and my mom -- well if I told you her age she'd kill me -- so let's just say she was in her twenties when she gave birth to me--we've been talking about writing a cook book. One where everyone day moms and dads, husbands and wives, partners -- of whatever sexual orientation --or individuals living alone could enjoy good Italian food. That's pretty much all mom ever cooks. And since she raised me -- that's about the extent of my repertoire as well -- although as I the title of this blog clearly states -- my goal is to cook like her - or at least as close as I can get. So if you like Italian food stay with us. Our intent is to walk through with you some recipes and if interest continues as many recipes as I can get my mom to disclose. And, by the way, her real talent is to walk in the house about 5 minutes from dinner with only two ingredients that happen to be in the refrigerator or grocery closet and put together a fantastic meal. We're excited to begin and to share. And since I'm recovering from oral surgery today, it seems like a good day to begin. Signing off for now: Mom and Karen

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